Prescription Software for Doctors

Doctor can store all the medical records and generate printed and Barcoded prescription for their patients

No more messy hand writing

Template Based Data Entry

Quick and easy to learn

Cloud Data and File Store


Video Preview

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Features At a glance

Record All Data

You can store patient data and encounter simultaneously. Data can be chief complaints, history, vital statistics, physical examination findings, investigations, diagnosis, drugs, advice, clinical image or other documents etc.

Template Based

Our software is completely Template Based. This means you can pre-set all the components of a prescription. This will save time during data entry.

Import Records

One click Duplication of previous encounter data. Say you want to continue all the previous drugs with slight modification. So you have to manually entry all the drugs right? Oh No! With our software, you can duplicate all the previous drugs by One click. This will save a huge amount of your valuable time.

Quickly switch encounter

You need to see previous record right? It is just one click away.

Barcoded Prescription

all the prescriptions generated are Barcoded. Search Quickly by barcode scanner or manually.

Chamber information

You can setup chamber information where you practice. Each chamber you create will get a panel where your assistant can do things on behalf you (Like patient registration, appointment booking, document store etc).

Appointment schedule

Setup weekly schedule of your chamber. This will update your chamber time accross our platform.

Fulfill BMDC Instruction

Generated Prescription will meet BMDC instructions.

Nice & Easy

Clean and nice interface and super easy workflow

Our software price

We will not charge you anything for getting started. It is totally FREE forever.

Our software is Only for BMDC Registered Doctors. You must prove that you are a BMDC Registered Doctor of Bangladesh by sending required documents to us.

Prescriber® requires Internet to operate.

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