How Our Platform will work

Doctors and Patietns can interact each other by using apps and services

eHealth and telemedicine both describe the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve the health status of the patient.

We will serve the community



Doctors and Dentists are actual responsible person who are giving direct and indirect care to the community to reduce mortality and morbidity. using our platform, doctors can give advice or manage their patients remotely and electronically.

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Citizens or any care receivers are the crutial parts of the Society who needs proper health education and guideline to prevent diseases and complications. Using our platform, citizens can place their health queries, receive tele-counselling and many more.

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medical students

Medical/Dental Students

Medical and Dental students are the most potential part of the society who will be responsible to the health of the community in the future. We have developed a platform where students can interact with their study as well as doctors easily.

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Who We Are?

We are a group of Doctors, Public Health and Healthcare IT Experts Round The Globe

We have a strong desire to improve the fragile and haphazard health system of Bangladesh to a better condition by the use of Information Technology.

Dr. MG Kibria, MBBS

Founder & Lead Developer

Passionate in Healthcare Informatics, Research & Development

Dr. Faridul Islam, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Passionate in Clinical Informatics, Research and Developent

Dr. Morshed Khan, MPH

Public Health Expert

Passionate in Health Research and Data Analysis

Dr. Rahman, MBBS

Lead Health Support

Passionate in patient management and communication

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It is very easy to get started. You only need a Internet Enabled device.

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Business Opportunity

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Our platform has huge potentiality beacuse we have highly qualified and passionate workforce. The only limitation of us is fund. E-Health is a new concept in Bangladesh but it has prospects. We welcome you to involve with us. We believe, your fund/donations and our knowledge can make a better, healthier and beautiful Bangladesh.

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